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Angelo M. Julovich, DDS

5 Top Tips From a Cosmetic Dentist To Keep Your Teeth White and Bright

April 14, 2019

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Whitening Before and AfterThese days, countless people have brightened their smile with professional teeth whitening and been thrilled with the results. But it’s a safe bet to say that everyone wants those results to last! While a cosmetic dentist can safely and reliably whiten your smile by 6-10 shades, what you do at home will have a big impact on how long your smile looks great. Keep reading for 5 tips you can use to keep your smile shining bright, both now and over the long-term!


4 Unexpected Benefits You Can Expect from Dental Implants

March 18, 2019

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An older couple hugging and smiling outside.Missing teeth can make it extremely difficult to smile around friends and family. Thankfully, dental implants can make that process that much easier after placement. But many people don’t realize that dental implants are far more than simply a cosmetic solution to missing teeth. In fact, the restorative benefits of dental implants are truly unique compared to more traditional solutions, such as bridges and dentures.

What do these benefits include? Here’s what you expect after completing your dental implant treatment!



Emergency Dentist in Zionsville: How Dental Fillings Can Fall Out

February 8, 2019

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A diagram of a dental filling.One moment you’re eating one of your favorite foods, the next moment you notice something loose inside your mouth. You notice that it’s quite hard and after spitting out the foreign object, you quickly realize that your dental filling has fallen out! While not all cases of a loose or dislodged dental filling are an emergency, it’s not something that you should ignore.

To learn the most common causes of loose fillings and how an emergency dentist in Zionsville can help, keep reading!



Dealing with Dry Mouth? Here Are Some Helpful Tips from a Dentist in Zionsville

January 24, 2019

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Do you suffer from dry mouth? This common problem has many possible causes, from medication side effects to salivary gland conditions. You can help to manage the symptoms by sipping water, avoiding caffeine, and chewing on sugarless gum. Obtaining long-term relief may require a visit to your dentist in Zionsville.


Bonding or a Dental Crown in Zionsville: Which Is Better?

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Benefit from a natural-looking dental crown in Zionsville.Do you have chipped teeth? Don’t feel bad; you’re not alone. Tooth chipping becomes ever more common as we get older. Fortunately, dental medicine has several ways of dealing with this problem. Two of the most common approaches are composite bonding and a dental crown in Zionsville. But which option is better for you? Let’s take a closer look at both.


7 Oral Hygiene Hacks For a Healthier Smile From a Zionsville Dentist

December 15, 2018

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A woman flossing her teeth These days, everyone’s looking for ways to be more efficient. Modern life is busier than ever, so getting more done in less time is a win-win situation. And when it comes to having a great smile, any effort spent on keeping your teeth and gums clean is well worth it. The better your oral hygiene habits, the less dental work you’ll need from a Zionsville dentist in the long-run – which everyone can agree is a good thing. Keep reading below for 7 hacks that will keep your smile healthy and happy!


Can My Dental Products Expire?

November 5, 2018

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ToothpasteIf you use dental products at home, you’re doing your smile a favor by keeping it clean and healthy. However, using items that are expired don’t give you all of the oral health benefits that you may have hoped for. Keep reading to learn some expert oral healthcare tips as well as when it’s the right time to change out your oral health products to avoid expiration.


A Dentist in Zionsville Says Daily Habits Can Affect Your Teeth

September 3, 2018

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Woman biting her nails.Everyone has daily habits they get used to, both good and bad. Daily habits like exercise and brushing and flossing are healthy, but did you know there are some things you could be doing everyday that hurts your oral health? Overtime, you may have formed some bad habits that affect your teeth without even knowing it. Read on to learn some common daily habits that affect your oral health poorly and how to break them from a trusted dentist in Zionsville.


Summer BBQ Oral Health Tips from Your Dentist in Zionsville

August 16, 2018

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woman grilling burgers red shirtAs the sun beams down, it’s natural to want to get outside and enjoy some tasty BBQ with friends. Still, you want to do it in a manner that doesn’t harm your oral health. Is that possible? Your dentist in Zionsville says it is and weighs in with some simple yet effective tips to prevent any oral health problems.


Dentist in Zionsville Explains the Dark Line under a Crown

July 25, 2018

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shade determination for dental crownsA dental crown is a type of restoration commonly used for severely decayed or damaged teeth. After you have a dental crown placed, you can usually expect the tooth to stay healthy and sturdy for many years to come. However, you may also notice a dark line under the crown either right away or after several years. If this happens, it does not necessarily denote an issue. Keep reading to learn why it may a dark line may appear around your dental crown — and what to do about it if it does.


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