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Angelo M. Julovich, DDS Blog

Why You Could Still Need a Root Canal Even if Your Tooth Stops Hurting

July 28, 2023

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Female dental patient sitting back looking concerned

You’ve been told that you need root canal therapy to deal with the infection that’s causing your toothache. One day, though, you find that the tooth in question is no longer in pain. You may initially think that a root canal isn’t necessary anymore – but this assumption is very likely incorrect. Below is a brief explanation of why your dentist may still recommend root canal therapy even in the absence of pain.


How Will I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Dentures?

May 3, 2023

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a patient visiting their dentist to receive dentures

Dentures are one of the most popular restorative dental treatments around, and countless generations of patients have turned toward these prosthetics to rebuild their smiles and enjoy a fully functional set of pearly whites once more. However, as fantastic and practical as dentures are, they’re not designed to last forever, and even well-made dentures will need to be replaced after several years of use. But how are you supposed to know when it’s time to visit your dentist to receive new dentures? Here are four signs that’ll give you a hint.


What You Need to Know About the Cost of Scaling and Root Planing

March 3, 2023

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a patient undergoing scaling and root planing

When most people think about their smile, caring for their pearly whites is often the first thing to come to mind—but your gums are just as important as your teeth and also just as vulnerable to oral health issues! In fact, according to the CDC, roughly half of all US adults over the age of 30 have some form of the disease. But fortunately, treatment options like scaling and root planing can easily eliminate the bacteria that pose a threat to your gums. Keep reading to learn a little more about this treatment process and some of its cost factors.


Will I Regret My Root Canal?

February 8, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 9:36 pm
woman after root canal

Your dentist tells you that you must undergo root canal therapy because you have a tooth that is severely infected. You agree to the procedure because you don’t want to risk worsening symptoms, nor do you want to put your overall health in jeopardy. But many individuals begin to wonder, “Will I regret my root canal?” To put your mind at ease, a dentist shares why this process is beneficial and how it can improve your smile and overall well-being for years to come.


How to Find an Emergency Dentist ASAP

December 22, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 3:40 pm
Woman with toothache calling an emergency dentist

Dental emergencies always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Whether you chip a tooth while enjoying a late night snack, get injured during a weekend sports match, or encounter a raging toothache when you’re on a vacation, you might be wondering how you can receive fast treatment. This blog post provides tips on how to find an emergency dentist ASAP.


Why You Should Get a Tooth-Colored Filling Instead of an Amalgam One

November 4, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 10:51 pm
a patient smiling and visiting their dentist

Dental fillings are a tried-and-true solution for treating decayed teeth, and for centuries dentists have used fillings made of metal alloys with ease and efficacy. However, if you have one or more of these amalgam fillings, then you probably know just how awkward and unnatural they can seem whenever you smile. Fortunately, a more aesthetically pleasing option is available! And better yet, these fillings don’t just look better; they also come with several other awesome benefits. Keep reading to learn more about why you shouldn’t think twice about getting tooth-colored fillings for your compromised teeth.


Why Is There a Dark Line By Your Crown?

August 14, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 2:58 am

Thinking woman with hand on chinCrowns have been used for decades because they are durable and effective. Whether used to prevent a weakened tooth from breaking or repairing significant decay, a crown can last for a decade or more with the right care. You might be surprised to see a black line around the dental crown as time passes. This is a common issue for patients with metal or porcelain fused to metal restorations. Don’t worry, your dentist has the solutions you need to erase the line. 


3 Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

July 12, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 6:37 pm
parents and two children smiling

When it comes to oral health, visiting your dentist every six months is key. During these visits, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and your dentist will perform an examination. This allows them to identify oral health issues early on and treat them before they get any worse. Though coordinating dental care for just one person isn’t usually too difficult, doing so for an entire family can be a bit overwhelming at times. That’s where a family dentist comes in. read on to learn about three ways that visiting a family dentist can benefit you.


Why Replacing Metal Fillings Is the Safe Thing to Do

May 5, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 2:23 pm
Close-up of three teeth with metal fillings

Metal has been used to fill cavities and prevent future tooth decay for over 150 years. However, recent research has raised new doubts about whether metal fillings are safe for long-term health. Although they are often called “silver” fillings, most modern metal fillings actually contain a mix of tin, copper, silver, and mercury – and it’s this last component that may be dangerous. Do you have metal fillings on your teeth? Keep reading to learn what researchers say about this common restoration and discover why you may want to consider safer alternatives.


5 Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving

November 3, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 2:43 pm
Thanksgiving spread with turkey, stuffing, and green beans

Are you counting down the days until Thanksgiving? Who can blame you? Whether you love to watch the parade and dress up or catch a football game in comfy clothes, everyone’s favorite part is the same: the copious amounts of delicious food. Unfortunately, many holiday staples (like candied pecans and pumpkin seeds) can increase your risk of tooth decay. To help prevent that from happening, here are a few tips for a healthy Thanksgiving.

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