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7 Lies Your Dentist Can Detect Just by Looking at Your Mouth

June 11, 2020

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a dentist in Zionsville examining a male patient’s smile during a visit

Preparing for an upcoming dental appointment but haven’t been taking care of your smile as you should? If you think lying about how much you floss or brush your teeth will trick your dental team, guess again. Your dentist in Zionsville can easily tell what type of oral hygiene regime you use just by looking at your teeth and gums. So, before you begin to think about telling your first fib, check out what your dentist already knows the moment they see you smile.  

1.      You Smoke and/or Use Tobacco Products

If you think telling your dentist that you don’t smoke is going to work, sorry to say but the staining and discoloration on your teeth will say otherwise. Not to mention, your clothes, breath, and fingers may smell of smoke and contain nicotine stains as well. To avoid this, stop smoking immediately. If you need help, ask about cessation groups, or inquire about special patches or lozenges that can help you kick the habit.

2.      You Don’t Floss Regularly

“Yes, I floss once a day, right before I go to bed.” This is probably the most common lie told to dentists by patients who don’t floss as they should. The color of your gums is an immediate giveaway as well as if they are inflamed in any way. If you show signs of gingivitis, be prepared to receive the “you need to floss more” speech.

3.      You Drink Too Much Soda

If you’re prone to drinking lots of soda, coffee, or other dark-colored beverages, your dentist knows it. How? If the enamel of your teeth looks to be wearing away, it is because these damaging drinks, along with citrus fruits and highly acidic beverages, can easily break down the top layer of your teeth over time. If you want to keep your tooth enamel strong, use a fluoride toothpaste and trade in the soda for water.

4.      The Treatment You’re Receiving is Causing You Pain

The moment your eyes flinch or your tongue or legs tighten, your dentist may ask if you’re experiencing any pain. Even if you don’t want to admit it, it’s important that you speak up so that they can use a topical anesthetic or alternative method to help you avoid discomfort. No dental professional wants their patients uncomfortable or in distress during an appointment, so feel free to say something.

5.      You Grind Your Teeth

If you think you’re not grinding your teeth at night, your dentist will be able to show you that you actually are. Teeth that clench or grind against each other look worn down. Also, if you complain of headaches or sore muscle pain around your jaw, these are clear indicators that you’re prone to teeth grinding. While this isn’t technically a lie because you’re unaware of it, your dentist can recommend helpful devices (oral appliances) to minimize the damage to your teeth.

6.      You Drink Alcohol More Than You Admit

If your mouth appears dry, this is a sign of someone who drinks more often than they care to admit. The ingredients found in alcohol often cause the salivary glands to quit producing, which can cause bacteria to accumulate in your mouth and cause tooth decay, gum disease, and/or halitosis. In some worst-case scenarios, you may even develop oral cancer. If you need help to quit, ask about receiving assistance from a professional.

7.      You Didn’t Really “Get Lost”

If you’re late to your appointment, it’s possible that you accidentally took a wrong turn along the way, but especially if you’ve been to their office before, it’s highly unlikely you got lost. Your dentist may view this as you are nervous about your visit. This is normal, and most individuals often require some form of sedation to help them relax during an appointment. If you are feeling scared or anxious about your upcoming appointment, inform your dental team so they can make sure to provide the right method of sedation.

When it’s time for you to see your dentist in Zionsville, be upfront about the status of your oral health. If you think there’s a problem and are truthful about your oral hygiene routine, you can be sure to receive the help you need to improve and repair your smile.

About the Author
Dr. Angelo Julovich began his undergraduate studies at Purdue University Calumet Campus before transferring to Indiana University Northwest to complete his degree. He then went on to enroll in Indiana University’s School of Dentistry, graduating in 1982. Voted Top Dentist 10 years in a row, Dr. Julovich believes in the importance of preventive care. Offering general cleanings and checkups, he and his team will be happy to discuss ways to achieve better oral health and even provide tips for breaking bad dental habits. To find out how we can help you, contact us at (317) 769-3335.

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