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Use Your 2017 Flexible Spending Account Funds for Your Smile

November 26, 2017

$100 bills under denture and dental toolsWe all want to have bright white, straight, healthy smiles, but only a very few of us are born with these beautiful smiles naturally. If you’ve always wanted cosmetic dentistry services to create the flawless smile of your dreams but these treatments just don’t fit your budget, a flexible spending account may be the way to go. Many employers offer these plans, and using up your flexible spending funds to get the smile of your dreams may be the best course of action.

Eating Disorders – Bad for Your Health & Bad for Your Smile

October 27, 2017

Woman with single pea on her plateMany people who have eating disorders know all about the adverse effects these struggles have on their health. From increased risk for heart disease to malnutrition and hair loss, eating disorders are serious health problems that deserve serious consideration and treatment. If you or someone you know struggles with an eating disorder, get help today to prevent concerns that can adversely affect both oral and overall health for a lifetime. You deserve to live a long, happy, healthy life filled with beautiful smiles, so get the help you need to kick your eating disorder today. Then, talk to your physician about improving overall health and your dentist about repairing your smile.